A ‘DM’ (dee-em) is short for ‘direct message’. Direct messaging can be done through Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a business oriented social networking platform and is primarily used for professional networking. The company has over 400 million users and the website is available in 24 different languages. Now, that’s a lot of direct messages (DM).

As I was browsing my LinkedIn feed, I came across Tom “Boyder” Boyd’s song called, “Down in the LinkedIn”. This song is a parody from Yo Gotti’s song called, “Down in the DM“.

As I watched the Boyder’s video (below), I could not help but laugh. Some of his lines really hit home with me:

  • I seen a job for the GM, so I hit em with the DM
  • It goes down on my LinkedIn / I’m so proud of my LinkedIn
  • Boy my LinkedIn poppin’ / I bet you think my profile pic a model
  • I’m sitting straighter than a tin man / I cannot wait to update my position
  • Don’t you hate it when you get that view / but then you see they ain’t requested you

During college, I was very familiar with the content that Boyder AND his friends (Brain Bangley + Asher Roth) were releasing. Lately, I have not been able to peruse the internet or read my favorite blogs…and that’s because I’ve been working on my LinkedIn. By the looks of it Boyder is doing well and still inspiring others. I have also been told that he has an awesome podcast. I intend on listening to his episodes while endorsing him on LinkedIn.

For more information on Boyder go to: www.boyder.co